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GRAPES AND VINEYARDS: Nascetta and Sauvignon blend.

The Nascetta is an ancient autochthonous Piedmontese grape of the Langhe and Cuneese; its rediscovery is recent and today a few thousand bottles are produced in purity. The grapes are grown in the hectares owned by Vinicola Arno with the Guyot system. The manual harvest takes place separately and at different times following the ripening of the grapes.

Monferrato Bianco BILOTTO 20

Aging in steel for a minimum of 4 months. A blend of Nascetta and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Balance between lavender and pine aromas and pleasant melon flavors.


A long-lived wine that fully expresses all the olfactory characteristics of Nascetta and Sauvignon. It has a straw-yellow color, fruity to the nose with exotic hints and a finish in honey. In the mouth it is fresh, mineral, with a good acidity that gives longevity.

Aperitif wine, excellent with raw fish, white meats and fresh cheeses, but also for all meals on hot summer days.


Irma is the aunt of Michael, originally from Parma. She was the one who nicknamed Michael’s father, Bill, hence "BILOTTO".

Today Bill is 90 years old, he enjoys good health, and is a lover of white wines, and especially the Bilotto.