Our wines


Nizza DOCG Riserva Leone

Uncle Giovanni started the business on May 1, 1956 and each bottle uncorked tells the enthusiasm that led him with time to become the Lion of Villa Franchi di Bore. And it is precisely time, the only care for everything, to preserve our history and our products, which, like this Leone Reserve, lives by its own light in our cellars.

Aged for a minimum of 30 months. This wine is a sophisticated Nizza with the characteristics of long term aging with pronouced aromas and flavours of vanilla and red fruits. .


Nizza DOCG Lorella

The most heartfelt homage for the new generations: tomorrow is identified with our children, "Lorenzo and Gabriella". And to them goes the dedication of our Nizza Docg, which for its structure, longevity leads us to the evolution of a product, to a becoming, to the future, to raise our glasses and toast always to new satisfactions.

Aged for a minimum of 22 months, with 12 months in small barrel French Oak. Strong, robust with a delicate flavouring drawn from the unique position of the grapes combined with fruity overtones and aromas.


Barbera Superiore DOCG Maria Augusta

It tells the bond between a mother and a daughter, between woman and woman.
The image of a mother always has a warm imprint in our mind. Woman, Dreamer, Mother, Grandmother, Traveller.... I remember your stories and I seem to relive in Porto, those scents, those aromas and the sea air. This is a toast to know our memories, share and have new stories to remember.

Total minimum aging of 18 months with a minimum of 6 months in oak. Ripe cherry, dark chocolate elements with a rich and powerful palate and good depth.


Barbera d'Asti DOCG Desolina

I will never stop calling you by name, a name so true, unique and typical of your land: a name that has a whole special sound, DE-SO-LI-NA leaving travel back. I left, I traveled, but I always came back to you, my hometown. A presence that continues with its most vivid violet tones inside the glass with softness, red fruits and a boost to that acidity that only such a precious personality continues to live every single day.

Aged in steel and bottled for a minimum of 6 months. Spicy, hints of mulberry. Rich, savoury palate with black pepper and vein of forest fruit coulis.


Monferrato DOC Bianco Bilotto

Aunt Irma started this nickname, summing up your qualities perfectly. Freshness, sweetness, enthusiasm invite to live, always, the most convivial part and celebrate life. The most exotic aromas and the balance of the blend accompany us to discover the story of Bill to start the aperitif, continue for brunch and enjoy all the freshness of Bilotto.

Aged in Steel for a minimum of 4 months. A blend of Nascetta and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Balance between lavender and pine aromas and melon flavours on the palate.


Vino Rosato Elvira

It celebrates a tireless woman who prepared sublime dishes for customers and who placed even more attention on her family. And I still seem to turn the corner and smell in the air the scents that brought me to the Osteria of the aunt. As a caress, I still feel pampered by your dishes and only thanks to these memories I know how to give value to a unique product that identifies our nature in a pink dress.

The Elvira is a rosato is a bright, fresh slightly effervescent, fruity wine with a lower overall alcohol content. This is an ideal wine for aperitifs or even main courses.



Our vineyards are located in the Monferatto Hills in Mombercelli and Castelnuovo Calcea, Asti.  There have been vineyards in our location for over 75 years.  We grow Barbera, Nascetta and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

The area is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site based on the unique blend of wine production and natural landscape.



We have over 5 hectares of vineyard with a production of 7,000 kg of grapes per hectare. 

Nizza Barbera production represents 95% of our production. The position of our vines is optimal, with most slopes being steep and south, south-west facing.  We have several vineyards that are ideal for the production of Nizza Barbera.